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Top Deisa d.o.o. is equipped with the extensive knowledge and expertise inherited from our parent company, Deisa Ebano SpA, holds a distinctive position as the sole enterprise in the Balkan region capable of meeting the stringent criteria and standards outlined by the FEA European Aerosol Federation. We specialize in the precise filling of aerosol bottles of varying sizes and capacities.
In 2015, Top Deisa successfully concluded the rigorous process of acquiring the ISO 9001 certification, leveraging the expertise of our skilled Italian technical managers. This certification validates our commitment to maintaining exceptional standards throughout our operations.
At Top Deisa d.o.o., we possess a formidable production capacity, capable of meeting the demands of our valued clients by delivering several million bottles and spray cans. Our flexibility extends to accommodating custom requests, including the development of specialized formulas for our product lines.
We take pride in our ability to cater to the most discerning clientele, offering an array of services such as Private Label production, encompassing aerosol bottles constructed from aluminum and tinplate, available in various sizes and capacities. Furthermore, we operate multiple liquid filling lines designed for small and medium- sized plastic bottles.
Top Deisa operates as an authorized production facility, and is duly authorized by the Ministry of Health, for the formulation, production, and packaging of auxiliary medical devices. We possess the capability to manufacture on behalf of third-party entities, either utilizing our own registrations or leveraging the registrations of others.
Upon a client’s request we are pleased to extend our expertise in facilitating personalized production of a diverse range of items. These include, but are not limited to, insecticides, repellents, air fresheners, textile fresheners, products for furniture maintenance and accessories, as well as products for shoe care etc.
Top Deisa doo engages in the production and presentation of its own product line while offering the capability to manufacture Private Label products for mass distribution.
Drawing upon the invaluable expertise amassed over nearly a century by DeisaEbano SpA ( in the realm of Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Top Deisa leverages this wealth of knowledge to develop and produce cutting-edge products across specialized sectors, including Shoe Care and domestic insecticides.
Furthermore, the company possesses necessary biocide authorizations, enabling the availability of these products within the European Union. In addition, Top Deisa doo specializes in the production of highly effective repellents, in both spray and liquid forms with a pump (trigger), designed to combat mosquitos and ticks, while ensuring safety for the skin. These formulas comprise rigorously tested combinations of efficient active ingredients, approved by multiple
European Ministries of Health.
Another area of expertise lies in the creation of spray-based textile and fabric cleaning products, which have gained prominence in Italy and are now exported to various European countries, previously unfamiliar with such offerings.