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How to get our products?

If you want to become a reseller or need additional information, contact us to get information from our agents.

ZIG ZAG line

The Zig Zag line includes products suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, thanks to their elevated concentration of active ingredients. Furthermore, we extend the opportunity to our business partners to package our products from various lines into distinctive and eye-catching displays, providing an additional offering.

The ZIG ZAG Tropical line is exclusively available through pharmacies.

Tropical Pharma Lotion, formulated with a unique blend, offers protection against insects and ticks. Specifically developed for distribution in pharmacies, this product focuses on repelling ticks as part of a specialized program aimed at safeguarding the well-being of the entire family, mitigating the risk of diseases transmitted by these insects.

TOP 1926 Shoe Care

The Top 1926 product range, designed to safeguard all types of footwear, stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of our mother company, Deisa Ebano from Italy. With a remarkable track record spanning over 90 years, Deisa Ebano has been manufacturing and supplying the European market. Additionally, our mother company, armed with 35 distinct formulations, specializes in the production of cosmetics set to be introduced to the Serbian market.

HoReCa line

In response to the discerning demands of our customers, we present a comprehensive selection of products tailored for the HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) channel. Notably, our offerings include the highly effective Voila Spray and wet wipes, specifically formulated to eliminate stains from a variety of fabrics, catering to the needs of guests patronizing restaurants. Furthermore, our range encompasses a diverse assortment of decorative insect protector candles, ensuring an uninterrupted dining experience, as well as the exquisite Profumo Puro Room Air Fresheners available in three captivating fragrances.

Products for household

Our clients can safeguard their families and homes through our assortment of household spray insecticides, meticulously crafted to combat flying and crawling insects. Of particular pride is our Vespaio product, designed to effectively deter wasps, hornets, and their hives. Additionally, we proudly offer an extensive array of products tailored to refresh clothes, wardrobes, and drawers while providing protection.